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New life: The O family & Baby Harper

Another special shoot for me..... Sara and I grew up together....we met in preschool and bonded over Reese's Pieces and falling off chairs during fire alarms. We used to pretend I was her pet monkey, and we taught my brother and her little sister craft projects. The memories really don't stop.....

Her family has remained a close family friend to my own, and I love that we're both becoming mothers within 4 months of one another. Because our babies won't be living in the same city (she's up in Omaha), they won't go to preschool together, but we can now tell them later in life that they knew each other from birth on. Even LONGER than Sara and I have been friends. That's kinda cool.

When I held mini sessions in Omaha, I made an exception on location for Sara because her family is so dear to me. They had just had their baby girl...Ms. Harper Quinn...and sure as heck didn't want to venture to a park in the chilly weather when she was brand new. 

Harper was wide awake for the majority of the shoot, which of course makes the sleeping-baby poses very challenging. But she just didn't want to miss anything! The photos we got with her eyes closed were actually taken during long blinks. hahaha Just kidding, she was "lightly" sleeping, so we had to act fast....but gosh, isn't she beautiful??? She looks so much like Sara it's crazy. Just spending such a short amount of time with Sara and Tim made me proud of them...they have fallen very naturally into the shoes of parenting and that helps me feel that I, too, can follow suit. :)

And Sara has since been a great source of support as I struggle through my last few months of pre-parenthood and pregnancy. Thank you for that, Sara!!!

And a big hug and kiss to you all..... So excited to be on this journey at the same time.... xo

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