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Hitched: Danielle & Andrew {Kansas City wedding photography}

Holy wow, I am so behind with blogging. My sincerest apologies! Unfortunately, at the end of busy season, it is crazy enough but add to the fact that I've been working a bit less due to some back issues that don't enable me to sit for longer than 2-3 hours at a time (thanks to the bambino I'm incubating), I have had to prioritize in a major way and put at the top of my To Do list fulfilling client needs in terms of getting them their images. Blogging, more so a marketing tool, has fallen by the wayside. But I only have a few sessions left in the hopper to edit, and after that, I can set up several blogs to post over the course of the next few months while I'm on maternity leave. So yay that I have a good stockpile to keep the blog fresh through the mundane winter months.

So here is my last wedding of 2011... bittersweet. But I couldn't have asked for a better one to end the year with.

Danielle & Andrew...thank you for your patience. Actually, thank you for more than that. Let me tell you, this couple is so completely understanding and accommodating. As a wedding photographer, I am very aware that a wedding day is about the bride and groom. What matters is their happiness. When I get brides and grooms who go out of their way to check on MY comfort, MY well-being, then I am absolutely blown away because for them to be the reason I'm there, yet for them to be concerned with how I'm doing, I know that those are the clients with whom I will stay in touch. I must admit, I get several of these clients a year, but with Danielle & Andrew, they were beyond caring because I was very pregnant when shooting their day, and they themselves just went through it this past winter. In fact, when I met Danielle for a consultation, she was ready to burst.

and now they have a deliciously precious little girl named Peighton, who you will see lots in the below photos. She is the center of their world and it was so beautiful to see her partake in the day that her parents sealed the deal. 

Amber Cutler, for what may be the last time as she is moving to California in February (WAHHHHH!!!), assisted me. So sad to see her go...though excited to visit her in LA!!! Anywho... we said several times through the day how welcoming both families were. The October Saturday was beautiful weather...and from beginning to end, Danielle's touches could be seen. Danielle was so proud to be a full-blown DIY bride...with a Pinterest page that reflected her goal...to have a romantic, rustic and autumn vibe throughout the day. She even made the flower girl dresses. I squealed out loud every time one of the lil' flower girls (peighton being one of them) came into view. Like balls of fluffy cuteness.

I now ask that you sit back and enjoy the day's photos....

Kansas City wedding photographer

Kansas City wedding photographer


In Danielle's words...
"I think we all remember growing up and being told "You just know" when you meet your soul mate and future spouse. After our first date, I could feel my heart telling me "He is it. He completes you." Andy is my other half. He is patient, loving, care free and of course handsome as ever. He is a family man and my heart still melts each time he gets down on the floor and plays with Peighton. Seeing how much he loves her, reminds me how much he loves me. I am a very strong person and Andy loves that about me. He is always encouraging me to do what makes me happy, to strive and demand for nothing but the best and does everything in his power to just make me happy. Andy is such a kind person. He is always looking for the good in people and puts everyone before himself. I am so blessed and thankful to be able to grow old with such an amazing man."

In Andrew's words...
"Loving Danielle is the easiest thing I have ever done. Her smile lights up the room to the point that I will do anything just to see her smile. She has a warm kindhearted personality that not only makes for a perfect wife but also a perfect mother. Danielle is stunningly beautiful inside and out. She has had my heart from day one and I am the luckiest man to have her love me back. There is simply nothing not to love about her. There’s a feeling that I get when I’m around her that is indescribable, it’s a feeling that has been there since the early stages of relationship and has become stronger with each passing day. I knew she was the one because that feeling I get can only be described by one word...love."

Kansas City wedding photographer

Danielle made EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!

Kansas City wedding photographer

Kansas City wedding photographer

(p.s. black hides the baby bump sooooo well. hahaha score!)

Kansas City wedding photographer

Danielle & Andrew, high five for pulling of a wedding that was equally personal as it was beautiful. You are darling together, and I can tell you're amazing parents as well. May your creativity and love for smiles make for a wonderful life together. Have a blessed holiday! xo

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