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WEE ONES: D family photos {Crossroads, Kansas City, MO}

I was so excited to have another chance to document the family of someone I've known all my life....and even before we were born. Our moms met in Lamaze class back in the early 80s...while pregnant with Brittany and me. Thankfully, our families have stayed in touch over the years, though seeing each other is not as frequent as any of us would like. Now that I live in Kansas City, I hope to see Brittany & Austin ... and their darling, rambunctious little girls more often. Especially with our own kid on the way. :)

Brittany & Austin as parents have already wowed me. First off, they have TWO kids and manage to at least LOOK sane. :) They keep their senses of humor, they don't kid-proof their lovely home and when you walk in their door, you aren't overwhelmed with the sense that two little girls live there because their toys aren't all over the place. This was very inspiring and encouraging to Neil and me when we visited them for dinner this past summer, shortly after we learned we were going to be parents. I am thankful that we have such a great resource on young parenting right here in town. Looking forward to hanging out as FAMILIES with them. ;)

Anyway, so in addition to all of the above...this family is cute and spunky. We roamed around a block down in the Crossroads area and though it was challenging to keep Sammie and Amelia focused on at least staying in the vicinity where we were shooting (haha), we got some great keepers. Bella, their dog, was the easiest model to work with EVER. She came when she was called and she didn't have a problem looking at the camera or following any other directions. haha
KAnsas City family & Children photographer

KAnsas City family & Children photographer

KAnsas City family & Children photographer

xoxo to you all!!!

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