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WEE ONES: L family photos {Kansas City area}

Colleen & Brian have their hands full with their boys, who are both July babies! Jacob just turned 5, and Ethan, 2. They had me running around playing peek-a-boo and laughing at their silly antics.

We shot at Antioch Park, which was a great setting, and the boys found many sights to distract themselves with. Ethan was in heaven with having ducks around since he loves to "quack, quack" at them. Too bad we didn't run into any dinosaurs, because his mom says he is also a fan of the "roar!!!" As little brothers often tend to do, Ethan was always on the heels of Jacob, though rumor has it, being younger hasn't stopped him from beating up on his older bro.

Jacob was fearless when approaching the pond at the park. No wonder, too, since he just finished swimming lessons!! He is in the generation that is already familiar with the "fun" of technology... and apparently is into Angry Birds, the Wii and watching good ol' classics likes Willy Wonka, Goonies & E.T.!

So what do these two balls of fun look like? ;) Enjoy...well, let me show you!!!

Kansas City family & Children photographer

Kansas City family & Children photographer

Kansas City family & Children photographer

Colleen & Brian--it was a pleasure meeting you and hanging out with your super-cute family! I loved staring at your kiddos and thinking about how I'm going to have a boy myself here soon...and I can only hope he is as cute as your blondies. ;) Take care!!!

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