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Hitched: Kate & Jeff {Kansas City/Nebraska City wedding photography}

After shooting Kate & Jeff's engagement session this summer, I seriously anticipated their wedding like no other. Couples surely have chemistry if they are getting married, but the chemistry being strong enough for the camera to pick up? THAT is rare. And cherished. ;)

And that same chemistry spilled over to their family and friends. They were a hugging, laughing, dancing, dynamic bunch....and i was lucky enough to have James Bitz of Lincoln at my side for the big wedding that took place in Nebraska City at the Arbor Day Farms. He provided a fresh perspective (being a male AND being someone I've never shot with before--which I always love!!)

If you recall, or if you do not know... Kate was our travel agent for our Italy trip. And I adore her... She is bubbly and wholesome, but flirty and genuine at the same time. Oh, let's not forget that she is stunning. So for a girl like that to be getting married, she must have found someone who is equally as amazing, right? RIGHT. Jeff's smile alone can woo anyone...and he is so sweet and thoughtful, too. So enjoy the wonderful wedding that resulted as a celebration for these two crazy kids who chose a location in between both of their families. (Shout out to their families and friends for taking up the challenge of annoying detours due to the massive flooding to get to the event.)

And oops, this might be the longest wedding post in a really long time. Too much good stuff.

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

In Kate's words...
"Jeff is the most compassionate and loving person I have ever met. He is always to help out someone in need, regardless of how big of a favor it is. I love that he is like grown kid; always excited by the little things. That passion for life is completely infectious, and anyone who spends enough time with him starts to get the same gleeful enjoyment. I am constantly reminded that he is the most fun person to be around; while driving in Ireland we were lost looking for a castle (the locals decided it would be funny to point the arrows in the wrong directions), and I cannot believe how much we were laughing while driving in circles. He reminds me that life is all about the journey, and no matter how corny that is, I am so excited to take that journey with him."

In Jeff's words...
"I love Kate because I never have a dull moment with her. We could be in Ireland or shopping at Walmart and it's guaranteed to be a good time. Her smile soothes me, her laugh refreshes me, and she listens. No matter what amount of flak is thrown at me in a day, I know there's always Kate. She's beautiful, smart, and seriously hip. After almost 5 years of us being together, I still sometimes step back -- and just for a moment -- imagine the instant I fell in love with her and appreciate her again to the fullest."

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

So ladies, who is with me... don't you think it must suck to be a beautiful bride like Kate...who looks absolutely gorgeous when she laughs, and just as pretty when she cries. Who has a just as handsome husband who loves her sooo much. And then add to it that she's a trooper and a half, not letting any blemish in her wedding day affect the overall mood--Jeff has scored with this one.

Case in point... her wedding cake. Before the ceremony, we received word that the table where the wedding cake was put on had faltered, and the cake went crashing to the floor. Much of it was lost. While everyone stood their guard, waiting for Kate to throw a fit, Kate did just the opposite. She laughed. She shrugged. She said, "Well, there's nothing we can do about it now." And then she grabbed my hand and said, "Let's get a picture of it with all of us acting sad."
Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

So who gets the award for the most laid-back, easy to work with bride of the year? Uh. Kate. Hands down.

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

Just a few quick photos we grabbed when the light was at its goldenest.
Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

And then it was party time! ;) Starting off with moving toasts, slideshow and a one-of-a-kide narrated bedtime story about (Sidenote: This was the first wedding I'd shot since finding out we were having a boy. And oddly...I actually teared up during the mother/son dance. For the first time ever!! :)

And another note about a few of the pics in the middle of this series--see if you can spot them... the groom's side initiated something that got everyone actively watching, and several people participating. Rather than the traditional charade where everyone circles up and watches one person dance like a goof in the middle, then swaps out with someone else... the one in the middle pretends to have a ball of some sort. Any make-believe type of ball will do. And then the one in the ring manipulates said ball to the beat. Some kicked it... some juggled it...some dribbled...some swallowed it (ahem, JEFF!!) and extricated it later... then to get the next person out in the middle to do the miming with an invisible ball, the one in the center somehow creatively passes it to someone else on the sidelines who is cheering and waiting expectantly. :) It was so much fun to watch! (But I'm glad I had a camera in my hands because I am too chicken to do something like that on the spot. hahah)
Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

And of course...a very worn-out me (it was a 10-hour wedding, with traveling, and I was four months pregnant, so please forgive how winded I look...haha)
Kansas City Nebraska City wedding photography

So yeah. A long post, for a gloriously amazing wedding. Jeff & Kate--you two couldn't have had a better day, with better weather, with better guests. Hugs to you both!! Hope your honeymoon to Ireland was fliptastic!

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