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Hitched: Heather & Jän {Kansas City wedding}

It is a pleasure to once again feature such a smiley couple on my blog. Heather & Jän (Note how I've learned the ASCII code on a mac for Jän's name!!) emanate joy. And love. And compassion for those who love and support them. 

Their wedding was intimate, fresh and fun, which is exactly what I expected after I've gotten to know Heather over the past several months. She has this energy--it is is contagious, yet calming...and when she gets around Jän, the giggliness surges. It is so clear how much she has fallen for him... he is a country boy, with a quirky, goofy sense of humor that creates so many laughable moments for all of us. (My sidekick Amber Cutler and I were rarely with a serious face because of the groom's antics. ;))  And Heather's mom wants to point out that her daughter thinks "Jän's tractor's sexy." ;) But as Heather attests to later, he has this way of looking at her... the adoration is so completely discernible, that if it doesn't make you warm and fuzzy, you're not of the human species.

So on to the pics...
One of Heather's bridesmaid's has two daughters who are essentially nieces to Heather. They were along for the ride and were much help all day long. 

Kansas City wedding photographer
Kansas City wedding photographer

Do the colors of summer not just make you swoon? Especially when there is a smitten couple at the center of them??? S.I.G.H. 
Kansas City wedding photographer

In Jän's words..."Heather is the person I want to wake up with every morning, and give a hug to every night; she makes a bad day turn good; she's the one I want to spend time with; she's my love and my best friend and the one I want to spend the rest of my life with."

 in Heather's words...

"Jän is my big kid and goofball with a side of seriousness and the greatest work ethic, who treats me like I am his very own princess. My dad even said something about the way Jan was looking at me while we said vows and throughout the night - dad said he liked it, as did my mom, "the way he looks at you..." as if she is puzzled, amazed, happy, in awe. The level of comfort between us is amazing, and the smile that comes across his face when he sees me every time is as if he is seeing me the first time, and he is always so excited. We do everything together and enjoy it so much -- I help him work, he helps me garden, we do fun things together but just being together makes anything good and worth doing.  He has affected me as no one has; I found my best friend in him."

Despite very high temperatures, and an air conditioning that didn't work until minutes before the ceremony started, Heather & Jän were troopers and didn't let it stop them from sealing the deal. And check out the send off favors....they were ribbon sticks!!! Heather and her pals made them! DARLING. 
Kansas City wedding photographer 

The fresh & vibrant color palette continues...
Kansas City wedding photographer

When we walked into the reception at Terrace on the Green, we were floored with how elegant and beautiful it looked! (SPECIAL SHOUT OUT: As a photographer, I have tasted many wedding meals....so I would say I'm a good judge of what is good. ;) And this food, by Baber Catering, was THE BEST I've ever had. The brisket was delectable to the point that I almost became THAT vendor who went back for seconds. haha) 
Kansas City wedding photographer

Kansas City wedding photographer

Their friends and family were NUTS on the dance floor. And it was just too much for Amber...she joined them several times. Can you spot the photo of her in action? I believe this was the song FOOTLOOSE that had her going at it. The last photo is me with the couple of honor...and on my right, are Jenny & Joe...a couple whose wedding I shot nearly a year ago in Omaha. (Jenny & Heather work together at Union Pacific)... Apparently U.P. has lots of fun people there--and Darbi G. LOVES fun people! ;)
Kansas City wedding photographer

H&J... I now that you've got to start out your marriage with a physical distance between you both. But your love is no doubt strong enough to withstand it...especially with so many friends and family members there to root you on! xo to you both... and enjoy that sexy tractor. ;)

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