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NEW LIFE: the first of many shoots w/ Evan {newborn photography}

Remember this gorgeous mom-and-dad-to-be? Well remove the "to be" because they ARE officially a mom and dad. To a DARLING DARLING DARLING little boy. Baby Evan was born on July 8, weighing in at a whopping 10 lbs, 5 oz, 21.5 inches... (just an aside, I was 10 lbs, 8 oz when I was born!) So he holds the record for the largest newborn I've ever photographed.

These photos were taken when he was 13 days old. And I just couldn't get enough of his plump cheeks, his stylin' hair and his pursed lips.

Kansas City newborn baby photographer

And it's so crazy to see Gina and Zach slip on the parenting shoes with such ease. Zach is so protective already, and Gina is so nurturing. I enjoyed just watching them with Evan...
Kansas City newborn baby photographer

(A thank you to Troy, my brother, who found this pear crate in his garage and gave it to me to use specifically for newborn sessions. I think Evan broke it in nicely.)

Kansas City newborn baby photographer

The top left pic is a shot of his nursery in the adorable motif... the one on the right was when Gina was just trying to soothe him when I peeked in. Then she passed him off to Zach and she and I talked for a bit. On my way out the door, the bottom pic is what I found. They both were snoozing...didn't even simmer when the click of my camera went off. Sigh.

Kansas City newborn baby photographer

Gina & Zach, already I can see the wonderful life you are going to give your first-born. Evan is so incredibly lucky, and once again, I cannot express to you how excited I am to watch him grow up. I love you all!! xoxo

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