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P.S. I love you: Abby & Justin are back {St. Joseph couples session}

My camera always welcomes familiarity when it comes to much-loved past clients/friends. It has been two years since Abby & Justin's engagement session in Columbia, Mo., and one year since their beautiful Kansas City wedding. And to mark their first anniversary as married, the couple wanted to bring me up to their neck of the woods to finish out the trinity of locations....where their currently live... in St. Joseph.

And this time, it wasn't just the two of them. Their family has grown quite a bit over the years... ;)
Meet Marley on the left and Princess Belle on the right...
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-100_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-103_

And then the two handfuls of joviality... Lilly and Frank. Lilly is quite the lady...well-behaved and earnest with her need to be loved. Frank is a bit more on the playful and spastic side. Never a dull moment with his puppy-dog eyes around.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-101_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-102_

Then we went off with just the lovebirds...and let me tell you, I was overwhelmed with two things... the loveliness of the byways in St. Joseph...and the romance that just naturally bubbles up when these two are around.

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-104_

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-105_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-106_

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-107_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-108_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-109_

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-110_

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-111_

Warm chills...if that is possible...
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-113_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-112_

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-114_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-115_

And they listen so well to my directions!!! I accidentally said "chin to chin" rather than "cheek to cheek"....  hahahahahah I heart you goofballs!!
 DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-117_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family photographer-aj-118_

And then all the people sighed....
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family 
photographer-aj-116_DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City couples family 

Abs & Jugo...thank you once again for calling upon my services to document the stepping stones of your life! I can't wait to be there to do the next phase.... wink wink.... xo

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