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Jenn & Steven {Kansas City maternity photography}

One of my dearest friends is about to begin a new chapter in her life. She is the first bridesmaid of mine to start a family. I'm so glad she's giving this parenting thing a go before me, but I also am so excited to meet the lil' girl that resides inside the belly of one of the sweetest, most diplomatic pep-talkers on my team. They trekked to Kansas City for this shoot, the same weekend they had their baby shower...

We started off with a few quick ones at my house where we were all cozy.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-100

And then they braved the cold...and the deep, unshoveled paths at Unity Village, where they were married a year and a half earlier.
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-102DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-103

do they look ornery to you? Because they are an ornery couple. heehee
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-104DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-107


DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-105

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-109DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-106

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-110

I spy a bump!!!
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-111

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-112

I bet their lil' girl is as beautiful as her mommy. (Jennifer!!! YOU'RE GOING TO BE ANOTHER HUMAN BEING'S MOMMY!!! SQUEAL!!!)
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-113

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-114

And this is what wonderful parents-to-be look like...in the calm before the storm. ;)
DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City maternity photographer-JY-115

Henifer (that is what I call her, yes) and Steven... I have no doubt you two will be amazing parents. I've seen how well you've done with your lil' dog and cat...(though let's be honest, Steven, I know you'll never talk about selling your own child like you do with Sadie..haha)...and I know how great of friends you are...so it makes sense that when you make this addition, it will be so natural and perfect. I cannot wait to meet her in the coming weeks. Love to you both! xo

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