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Holly & Chad embrace autumn {Kansas City engagement & wedding photography}

These engagement pics for Holly and Chad are full of FALL-ness. And sweetness. And love-ness. Who needs real words when you have real couples in real love, eh? ;)

We went to Loose Park for an evening session among bright colors and a brisk, but comfortable temps. Holly's excitement for this shoot was apparent from the beginning. But Chad had that familiar glint in his eye that indicated he was a bit uncertain as to what exactly his fiance roped him into.

But as these pictures will prove, he is a natural. Holly and him hardly needed any direction, and this is what unfolded.

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010100

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010102Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010101

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010103Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010104

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010105

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010106

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010107

While I was waiting for them to change, I looked to my left and about shrieked. I would have shrieked, but I lost my voice, actually. So I instead just got all fluttery inside when I saw this scene of absolutely the glowiest of glowy oranges and yellows. When they came back, we had to strike while the horizon was HOT.

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010108

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010110Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010111

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010112Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010109

Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010113Kansas City wedding photographer-H&C-e-2010114

Holly & Chad, I wish you the best this next year....and enjoy your destination wedding!!! You two are full of positive energy and I can tell how much you love one another. :)

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