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Kansas City family photography: Making grunge look good...

Not every family can pull off a photo shoot among dilapidated buildings, brightly graffiti-ed walls or garbage-strewn alleys, but this family can. And did.

Meet Mollie, Chris and their sons: precocious, model-to-be Parker (nearly 7)  and Finnian...who is almost 2, darling, stubborn and obsessed with buses and a little girl at daycare named Nora.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-133

I asked Parker if he liked getting his photo taken. He said, "No". But...I think he lied.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-132DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-112

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-104DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-105

Finn was quite the opposite. Always on the move...wanting to do only things that were HIS idea. ;) But we did what we could with that.

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-107

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-100DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-108

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-103

DarbiGPhotography-Kansas City family photographer-Hfam-100

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-102DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-109

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-110DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-106

And every bus that went by, this is what happened:

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-113

Parker was a dear and entertained Finn for a bit while I stole the parents away for some quick shots of just the two of them. Gawwww-gess. ;)

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-115DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-116

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-117

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-118

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-119

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-120DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-121

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-122

We wrapped a slinky around them both in hopes that Finn would stay sitting next to his brother for a second. But it didn't last long.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-123

This next pic is a telling image of a cute mom trying to appease her kids...
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-125

But they have a mind of their own...
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-126

Check out the power of the pout with this pic. Like father, like son.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-128

DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-129DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-130


and I'll end with this...one of my faves, for sure. I wish I had a pic of my mom and me like this. Mollie, you're beautiful.
DarbiGPhotography-kansas city family photographer-131

Thank you, H fam, for being my first family to take into the urban innards of Kansas City!!! You rocked the session and I do hope that we can get together again for some mayhem. ;)


Anonymous said...

beautiful, creative, crazy, all the usuals, darbi!! love the pics...KC is a crazy town, you really captured it all!
kathy :)
ps - love those kids!!!!

Ginger said...

I love the animation so much! All of the pics are great.

johnna brynn said...

great job, darbi! i love mom with monkey stuffed animal. and the animated shots, great job!!! :)

ashley turner said...

Love love love this shoot Darbi! Fabulous =)

Anonymous said...

Wow, what great pics! I love this family too!

Mollie said...




capatosta said...

Love these pics! Wish we lived in KC. These are fab, Mollie and Darbi.

Darbi's Mom said...

Oh my gosh - what an adorable family. Even the pouting ones are so cute. And the places you took these - wow, beautiful. Love them all. Darbi - super job as usual! (on another note -don't make me cry - I wish I would have had a super photographer around when you were little to catch such pictures.)

Elizabeth said...

My favorite is the last one too. I love her hair blowing and how happy she looks to be a Mommy!

Dani Crosby said...

Love!! You're so inspirational!!! Teach me!! LOL

Ashley said...

Wow. SO PRECIOUS!!!!! You are seriously awesome!

Timothy said...

i like this set. that girl is PRETTY. amazing eyes.

Clary said...

What an awesome family session BUT I love just the mom and dad shots!!

Darbi G. Photography said...

Thanks, all. :)

Rebecca Allen said...

My favorite is the last in the set. The motion and emotion between mother and son, wonderfully captured. A very storytelling image.

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