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THIS WAS AN APRIL FOOL'S JOKE!! Darbi G. Photography to offer new service: PET WEDDINGS

Several people took me seriously...which I find quite comical considering I would never ever want to cater to this type of market...but this will stay up on my blog for fun... the APRIL FOOL'S DAY joke. :)

Ok, so I love dogs. and I love cats. And I love most anything super furry that isn't rabid...human...or into eating me. Ok, I love animals that want to eat me, too...but I'd rather them stay behind a cage or glass. So...I also love love. Duh.

so...I thought...why not extend my services and talents to cover something that marries my love for love and my love for animals.

Beginning today, I am now offering....PET WEDDING photography!!! (this will be limited to cats and dogs for obvious reason). This branch of my service will be called the "Bow-wow Meow Photography"

Because I have yet to shoot a pet wedding, here are some sample images that will give you an idea of what all is possible! SO DARLING! I CAN'T WAIT!! (these are NOT my images, unfortunately, but if you click, you will go toward the original source...!!)

And even though this isn't with dogs or cats, it might help inspire:

Here are the new packages: (be the first to book and receive $100 off!!!)

Paws Plus: $500
--2 hours of coverage

--parent album for proud pet owners
--chew-safe pillow featuring favorite image imprinted on it
--disc of high-res images

--engagement session (to take place someplace that means alot to both pets!!)
--Day After session at the dog park or the cats' fave windowsill
--slideshow of favorite images
--bag of treats

Lickalicious Delite: $300
--1 hour coverage
--disc of high-res images
--engagement session
--bag of treats

If you're interested in having your pets' love documented, please let me know! (and if this is a wedding that is involving your pet and another owner's pets, contract must be signed by both parties!)

Oh! and need help planning the pet weddings? CLICK HERE:

Now...I just have to come up with cool branding!! woot.

PSSSSSST: SO MANY people are taking me seriously (even my mom!!!). Which has me laughing lots... but please think about what today is!!! :)  Got ya good!


Lara + Chris said...

What a GREAT idea!!! There's a gorgeous blond retriever down the block that I think Riley would LOVE to marry!

Chris said...

You mean 'woof'?

Timothy said...

can you photograph me and my dog getting married? he's a german shepard, and he likes peanut butter.

Mom said...

Oh, Darbi -how are you going to fit those weddings in with your "human being" weddings?

Lindsey said...

What a good idea!! I can't believe this market is so underserved!

Anonymous said...

How much is it if a I want to marry my dog?

Neil said...

Timothy! my dog REALLY likes peanut butter too!!!

Darbi G. Photography said...

And for those gullible out there, perhaps remember what date this was posted. ;)

Neal said...

If I get some squirrels to stay still, can you photograph them?

And, sorry to be a downer, are you prepared for the inevitable lawsuits? You don't mention cross-species ceremonies.

T.I. said...

My bitch is pregnant...would you do a doggy maternity shoot?

dani k. said...

How about boudoir sessions?!?!

Darbi G. Photography said...

Dani, THAT would be interesting... hmm...bowdoir sessions? cats are too modest, so I think it'd only be a dog thing. hahahah

Frank M said...

I met my future wife on April Fools Day. Boy, was I fooled! Just kidding! I'm a fool for Amanda!

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