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Eleanor's growing up...already one-year old!

Eleanor was a beautiful baby girl I met last July. And as babies do, she grew up. And up.
I've loved watching her go from a baby to a girl...if you know what I mean. She is so darling. And her parents are awesome!! I am really sad that this will be my last shoot with them since I'll most likely be moving far away. (but if plans do change, you can bet I'm going to be begging them to keep using my services!!!)

Anyway, on to the images. I'm not going to do much talking... cuz they are too cute and speak for themselves.

We started at Shelter Gardens, the ever-famous, yet hidden gem of Columbia...

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-126

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-105Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-101Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-106

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-104

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-103

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-E-103Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-108

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-109

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-110

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-111

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-113Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-112

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-115

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-118Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-114Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-117

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-116

Someone may or may not have had her ice cream taken away after it fell on the ground.
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-119

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-120
Favorite! I'd totally get this on a canvas if I were the parents... (wink, wink...)
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-121
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-122

To celebrate Eleanor turning 1 (on July 1, though we did this shoot a few weeks earlier...) we headed back to their house and put on a special outfit for the occasion.
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-123

A special cake was made for the occasion, too....homemade by Eleanor's mommy! Way to go, Kristin!
Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-124

And then fun was had....as was cake, stickiness and goo.

Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-125Darbi G Photography-baby photographer-107


Photography by Lara said...

LOVE IT! The "putting up her dukes" one is so precious. She's a total cutie!

Mom said...

She is adorable. Darbi, once again, you did a beautiful job. You are my favorite photographer ever!!!!

Sarah Alston said...

I am in love with every single shot from this shoot! Absolutely PERFECT!!!! Your post processing is wonderful, as well. Great job, girl!!!!!

thousand words photography said...

i just love these! so adorable! i love the fist shot..so funny!

Temple & Nick said...

She is so cute! I love the ones with the yellow chair, and the cake ones. What a sweetie.

kms said...

LOVE all of these pictures! I only wish our house had more wall space so I could frame all of the ones I love - it's so hard to only choose a few!

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