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So....I'm officially an AUNT!!!
My sister gave birth to Cailin Frances last Thursday. I won't be able to meet her for another few weeks as they live 5 hours away...and I have weddings every weekend from now till then. But in the name of babies.....here are a few pictures that I took in April, at my sister's shower. It's taken me quite some time to catch up and get to the personal goods.

First up... my friend from elementary school made a BEAUTIFUL cake for the shower. Check it out: (ignore the random white mess of something up in the right side, I misfired my watermark and didn't notice till now...oops)
Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-100Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-102

And then here is my little cousin, Daleni. You might remember her.

She just gets cuter and cuter.
Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-120Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-126

Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-108

and I'm finally in one! :)
Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-130

I love my grandma. We wore her out that weekend. I have proof times two:
Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-117

Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-132

Darbi G. Photography-oswknd-115

Grandma's birthday is this Friday!! Happy birthday, Grandma. Even though you won't see this post because she doesn't have a computer. (She says that instant messaging is staying one step ahead of the Lord... ;) haha)

Hope everyone had a good weekend!! I'm calling it a night!


Photography by Lara said...

Love that cake; it's stunning! She did a great job. I can't believe how big Daleni is! She was soooooo teeny last time I saw her at your parent's house. Fantastic pictures!

Dreaming Tree Photography said...

Those are awesome. I do have to say that the "grandma" shots are my favorite! Great captures! Congrats on becoming an aunt!

Enjoem said...

I didn't even notice the watermark thing until you said something!!!!

The little lady is TOO CUTE!!!!

Thanks for sharing!


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