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Boudoir photography: Beautiful & classy

Boudoir photography is definitely a growing industry. I didn't plan on getting into it, to be honest, but for some reason, it's beckoned. And I can't lie; I love it. I love that beautiful women trust me to show their beauty. Sometimes, they don't believe they are as sexy as they are. Sometimes they know it. Either way, when the goods are delivered to them, it's so wonderful to see their insecurities vanish and to hear that they can see now why their special man in their life is so enamored with them.

I did a boudoir session a few weeks ago at a client's home. It was so much fun working with Mrs. B. Here are some of my faves. (The following pics are posted with permission and are in line with client's request to not have her face shown.)

AND I WARN YOU YET AGAIN...if you cringe when you see the Victoria's Secret ads... DO NOT Click this link.

Here we go....

Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-10
Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-8

And absolute fave.

Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-6

She had baby pink colored walls. I love that the light (all natural here) picks up those pink hues
Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-5a

What an amazing hour-glass figure.

Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-5

Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-4a

Another fave. I love the moodiness and the mystery.
Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-4

Darbi G-boudoir photographer-1

Love the pop of her bedspread.
Darbi G-Boudoir photographer-11

And for the last one... I think this one is one of my faves of all time from all my boudoir sessions. Sun flare, plus the worn look... plus the lovely woman... sigh.

Darbi G-boudoir photographer-2

Thank you, Mrs. B!


Emily said...

Great work! I am just now getting into these types of sessions myself. They are so different but so rewarding. I love the shots you posted here, I'm sure she la la lovedddd all her photos!! :)

Ashley said...

The last one is amazing!

clary5four said...

They are all gorgeous Darbi but my absolute fav is the natural light image with the black and soft pink. Stellar!!

april bodenburg said...

These are SO beautiful and SO tastefully done. LOVE LOVE LOVE them all! Great work - you're amazing!

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