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Why does it take so long to get wedding photos?

A fellow (and much-admired) photographer Anne Ruthman just posted a candid and informational blog about why it takes so long for brides and grooms to get their wedding photos.

I thought since this is the close of wedding season for 2008, it would be a good time to give a heads up to brides-to-bes and current brides anxiously awaiting their images.

Please check out her post and enlighten yourself... ANNE RUTHMAN'S SUPER INFORMATION AL POST IS HERE.

As a bit more info about how I work, I typically shoot 1500-2100 images for a full wedding. I like to get the final number of images between 600 and 800. Then I choose 200 of my absolute faves. These are the images from which I would make your album, and from those 200, I choose 20-30 of my favorite favorites.

I start with those fave faves...and hand process them... to make them look their darn best. Then I post those on my blog.

Then I go back and process the remaining favorites...and from there, I tweak all the other images to make sure they are print-ready (as Anne describes).

Then I have to categorize them (preps, formals, ceremony, etc.), resize them for my online gallery and upload. VOILA!!!

THis process takes me anywhere from a week to four weeks, depending on other sessions/weddings that I have to finish up first.

Speaking of other sessions...

here is just a teaser of teasers that will be coming later this week. I've been busy busy busy!
No time to even put it in my regular Darblog template!! :) But aint' they adorable!!! more to come!!!


troy said...

That was a boring ost...luckily your htrew in babies. I am really bored at work this evening which is the only reason why Im commenting...40 . minutes. to. go.

Darbi G. Photography said...

And folks, that would be my brother...who can't type very well...and who doesn't find advice to brides and grooms very entertaining. :)

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