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Sugar N Spice: A blonde, bubbly boudoir

I headed back to Loganberry Inn on Sunday to help Miss A in her attempt to give the perfect gift to her groom. They are getting married soon, so in the spirit of almost-married bliss, she let loose in front of my camera. She was so much fun!
And so hot!! :)
Yes, she has given me permission to post these images.

This is the teaser for the teaser...
She donned his baseball jersey. Guys always dig that.
Darbi G. boudoir photography

If you want to see more, please click the following link.:) And I will update this when I have her full set done so those interested in doing one can contact me for a gallery password.

I don't know why, but this is one of my faves. The mystery... :)
Darbi G. boudoir photography

Smokin'. Am I right? or am I really right?
Darbi G. boudoir photography

We did serious ones. But for some reason, her smile was more her.
Darbi G. boudoir photography

She's not fond of her tattoo. But he is.
Darbi G. boudoir photography

Old couch + Beautiful woman=Great picture.
Darbi G. boudoir photography
Darbi G. boudoir photography
Darbi G. boudoir photography

Body language is sexy, too.
Darbi G. boudoir photography
Darbi G. boudoir photographyDarbi G. boudoir photography

The riskiest one YOU'll see... but another of my faves.
Darbi G. boudoir photography

Ms. A--You were a pleasure to hang out with!!! Your man will be so happy... even if you're reading. :) I wish you both the best!!!! Happy wedding season. And a happier honeymoon. And happiest lifetime together. :)


Ashley said...

I love the third one down. The pink color and focus on her gorgeous eyelashes is fabulous! Good Lighting!

Cherron McDonald said...

Whoa! This are fantastic. The one with her holding the pearls is very awesome.

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