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Dallas, we have a problem. Drew & Sarah are too beautiful

So remember me blogging about taking a trip south to meet up with some pals I've met on a forum? Well.... anyway... we did three shoots that weekend. A portrait swap with the members. A bridal session in Deep Ellum. And a Day After (I call these Extreme Bridals) session. We went to the Old McKinney Cotton Mill . Ok, so I was warned that it'd be hot weather. I mean, it was Dallas for gosh sakes.
But the shoot took place INSIDE...unairconditioned...wooden rooms surrounded by windows full of unforgiving sunlight...and I cannot express to you how much I was sweating. But I wasn't alone. If every shoot could go as well as this one did though, I'd sweat that much any day!! :)
Meet Drew & Sarah. They were married earlier this year, Stacy Reeves was their photographer for the BIG day. They donned their bridal apparel one more time though so we photographers could have at it...
They aren't professional models. Though they should be. The camera just eats them up.
Dallas Day After-IMG_7745-2
This is one of my faves from teh day. I love they way they are looking at one another. And I love the way their fingers are interlaced.
Dallas Day After-IMG_7780
A sweet moment. Spiced up even more with some texture...
Dallas Day After-IMG_7822-Edit-Edit
I felt like I was prying when I'd watch them. They had so much chemistry. Electric.
Dallas Day After-IMG_7836
Check out the scene. Rustic, no? Sigh.
Dallas Day After-IMG_7947-Edit
We experimented with some off-camera lighting. I LOVE it. I might just have to use it more.
Dallas Day After-IMG_7974
Hot enough for you?
Dallas Day After-IMG_8059

Dallas Day After-IMG_7985
Another of my faves. I tell you, every freaking room at this place was rife with model-icious possibilities.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8104-Edit-Edit
Same place, different perspective.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8113
Are you kidding me? She's darling!
Dallas Day After-IMG_8115
I had some fun with a wide angle lens.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8125
A lil' backlighting...
Dallas Day After-IMG_8128

He's a prisoner... or something. haha

Dallas Day After-IMG_8145
Another fave from the day. Being outside, we finally had some fresh air.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8165

Dallas Day After-IMG_8168
A series of seriousness. Seriously beautiful.. Seriously seriously seriously.

Dallas Day After-IMG_8236-2

They just emanate love.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8255-2

A final one before we all got in our cars and said farewell.
Dallas Day After-IMG_8286

Oh! And Drew owns his own company...he custom makes suits. In fact, while we were in Dallas, Neil got fitted and ordered two!!! SOOO EXCITED. Check him out: D. Jones Collection

Drew & Sarah... thank you soooooo much for enduring the heat and the paparazzi-like conditions. :) You gave me some beautiful images (and I updated my blogger header with you!!) and I am forever grateful. I wish you both the best of luck in life and love.


Kate said...

Amazing locations! I love the shot on the stairs of him looking at her while she looks off in the distance.

Julie said...

Darbi these are gorgeous! It just amazes me that we all went on the same shoot, yet everyones images are so differnet. Love em!

Ashley said...

these are fabulous! they belong in a fashion magazine for sure! Nice work!

Mark Elkins said...

Thanks Darbi! Stacy Reeves and Kelly Niemann are coming down to Georgia to shoot the wedding. Looks like we have something in common :)

The "Buzz" of Secret Garden Photography by prada said...

brilliant work! the composition and location of these images are superb! i need to find a place like that;-)

Clary Pfeiffer said...

Darbi!! You know I super love this session...the light in the first two are amazing! so are you:)

Cherron said...

Amazing! I've seen this couple before from Stacey's blog and I can't get over how well suited they are for the camera. You have some fantastic photos here. Love it!+

Scooterific said...

these are all so good, i hate it that i was there. seriously. so so good

tracylynnb said...

Hellooo?! can you say absolutely GORGEOUS..beautiful people, beautiful photographs..

Baxter McKedy said...

DARBI! These are my favorite photos of yours... ever! Wow!

JMHickerson Photography & Design said...

Awesome photos Darbi! I'm new to your blog, but I can tell you have amazing talents!!! Can't wait to see what else comes your way.

david said...

Hey Darbi,

Thanks so much for your kind words! Your work is great! I love this location. Keep up the great work!

Joy Marie

Joy Marie said...

Hey Darbi,

Thanks so much for your kind words! Your work is great! I love the location for this shoot. Keep up the great work!

Joy Marie

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