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Are you ready for some.....rock? :)

For those who don't know, my dear husband is in a band... Confident Years. The first person to name the well-known band he once was in a comment will receive a FREE Confident Years CD... :) Don't forget to leave me your email address... :)

Anyway... he's in a band. He's a drummer. Some drummers look funny when they drum. But not my hubby. He turns into a man on his set. Insert growl here.

So palestra.net, a college network devoted to music, entertainment, sports and news etc. pertaining to colleges contacted Confident Years. Apparently, Palestra.net had done scouting for independent artists to be a part of a project that they are producing for Fox Sports Interactive. Basically, they are pairing the Top 25 bands from the towns of the Top 25 college football teams to put together gridiron highlight videos, each one featuring the band from that college's town.

Confident Years was chosen to be in the video for the Mizzou Tigers. holy grrrr! So a couple of weeks ago, the boys...Stephen, Mike and Neil... met up with Nick from palestra.net on the MU stadium and filmed a music video. And I, their biggest groupie/self-proclaimed public relations queen of their "confident years"... haha... sorry, that will only be funny to me... took my lovely Stuart to the stadium as well..... here is a slideshow from the event.. set to their song, "Starting Again." Check them out on myspace and stay tuned...cuz they have another album in the works and nearing complete. AND I'm sooo sorry...this will take a full minute to load. My bad.


Ken Kienow said...



kristel wyman said...

i know, the juliana theory!

kristel wyman said...

oh wait, now i see a comment from ken, haha... stupid word verification system, keeping me a minute behind... ;o)

Ashley said...

Let me know if they have a concert here again soon!! Cool slideshow- what program did you use to make it in? and I love the vintage look with some of the photos, I must know how you do that!

Ben Helton said...

Wow, that's so awesome -- I used to LOOVE the Juliana Theory!

Awesome video -- I love your blog too btw

benj said...

seriously. I used to love Juliana Theory too. I saw them in Seattle a few times with other bands.

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