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The glory of graduating

My brother's girlfriend, Wendy, recently graduated. So Lara Adkins and I took her to OMaha's downtown and did a lil' "senior" session with her. And by senior, we mean "college senior" and then some. She now has her master's degree.

She was a great sport..and a great model. Look how purdy she is... (and I have no idea why some watermarks are HUGE and others aren't...sorry)

And cute!

One of my faves. :)

I love this one. I think it's most "her"...playful...
Another of my favorites.

I think this one is a great headshot. In case she ever went into modeling with her super cute frame. :)

Thanks, Wendy! :) To see more, check out: THIS GALLERY.


Temple said...

Who knew Wendy could be so cute! ;) haahahaha.

Anonymous said...

Wow I am soo jealous of Troy...She is sexy (can i?), vivacious, fun, with a little bit o nastiness in her eyes...I must learn from Troy how to pull that caliber.

Troy said...

Wow well thank you anonymous. And Darbi for putting on your blog what Ive seen since September 2007.

As for tips on how to get a girl Like wendy... I have no clue Ive drugged her for almost a year now so she will stay with me, so thats what you should do too.

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