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KISS albums: Hubba! Hubba!

I have been eagerly awaiting the arrival of S&B's wedding album. So when my fiance called to tell me a package had come...I left my day job 30 minutes early to get home and meet what I was sure would be my new object of affection...
It was to be a short love affair, since I knew I'd be handing it over to the bride and groom. But flings are kinda sexy. They leave you wanting more. And more I do want!!!

The company, KISS Wedding Books, is awesome on all fronts. Their customer service? Rocks. The process? Rocks. The album quality? Hubba Hubba.

From the packaging to the presentation... they take extra care.

And check out the thickness. How suave!

The print quality is to die for as well... one of my favorite spreads...the reds were right on. Sigh.
Check out the binding. That's no simple print job. A solid spine translates to sex appeal.

Another spread. So crisp. So drool-worthy.
Check out the thickness of the pages!!

And how cool is the fabric storage pocket?

Yeah, nevermind. The words "hubba! hubba!" don't even do the album justice.
The couple was thrilled with it, too. And I guess that is what matters most. Thanks, KISS!!


Twigglet1215 said...

Simply stunning-
I absolutely LOVE our kiss album!!
The entire presentation of it and the quality is unmatched. From what you've previously mentioned to me, their customer service is just as remarkable as their product. I'm so glad they realize how important quality and eminence is esspecially when it comes to WEDDINGS!
I can't wait to show her off!
Oh, Oh! You have to give her a name (Just like your camera / lens)! :)
I also have to give credit where credit is due, Thank YOU Darbi for the time and effort that YOU put into our album! I can't wait to see what your album looks like! Yay! Enjoy the rest of your wedding planning!
We couldn't be more pleased!
The hubby says hey! :)

Clary said...

Oh Darbi!! The album is beautiful and the cover it comes in is perfect.

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