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A nuclear family in more ways than one...

Here is a family I hold near and dear to my heart. You might have seen them before. Tisha, the mom, is the knockout bride from the Extreme Bridals... she has been waiting a whole day to see these "teasers"...so I thought before I threw myself into processing them, I'd randomly select a handful and edit them specifically with the blog in mind. Click them to see larger versions. :)

Here is baby R. She's a doll and a half.
And even when she's crying, she is adorable. I think this might be one of my faves from the day.
Ah, the ornery Lil' J. This is his version of smiling.

This picture says it all aobut this family. You never know what you're going to get. And I believe this was moments before Baby R dropped a good-sized missile of spit in Tisha's hair. This was followed by Lil' J doing the same in Mike's hair because he thought it'd be funny. It wasn't funny. Well, not to them! :)

I love this one. :) Another fave.

I just told him to yell. He listens sometimes.

He is so cute here as he poses for what I told him would be secret photos for Mommy.

So precious. The hats. The moment. The love.
And this is the handsome couple who can claim the spunky, delectably pinchable kids.

Alright, Q's! Going to get back to work before I have to get some ZZZZs. :)


Tisha said...

I'm SICK I'm so excited to see more! Literally! I have butterflies in anticipation! :)

You're my favorite artist, Miss Darbi Lynn.

The Q's love you!

Troy said...

Awesome! Are they paying you for all of this?

Liz said...

Those family shots are rocking!!!! Love!

Mel said...


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