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Because one post is never enough

Since it'll be a bit before I can get to a new set of photos, I thought I'd post tonight with a few more pics from the Erin and Jay session. I almost have their fully gallery ready for viewing...!!
(BTW, I'm a bit bummed that Mizzou lost...but at least the Steelers didn't have the same bad luck.)

Jay got sick of being the one to bear the load...and might I add...he looks like his brother here.

See, Jay? Your tow truck looks COOL!

Maybe this would make a good thank-you card...since their address is right there!! :)

If I do say so myself, this looks like a cologne ad. Work it, Jay.

One of these is not like the other...

No, that is not mold on my lens. :)
JAY'S GOAL: kiss Erin's neck. ERIN'S GOAL: Don't let him.
DARBI'S GOAL: Catch them in the act before she falls down.
Who won? :)

They are laughing because they sat down, only to find the grass was extremely wet.

Sigh. That's sexy.
Poor, Lexie. He can't be with them yet again...

Another photo that Jay thought would be lame. But I kinda like it. :)
Such a sweet moment. You'd think I wasn't even there!
Thanks again, Erin and Jay! I'm soooo looking forward to your wedding in May!

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kathy said...

wonderful pictures, darbi!!! you are so good! i love them all - how is one to choose????
i even like the one with the mold.....:) :) :)

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