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Since it's been awhile, I'll post a few more from the aforementioned wedding. I have to catch up with a few sessions...and I have some family pics from the Thanksgiving weekend to get through as well. If only I had more time...

For now, these will have to do.

Gary and Missy wanted to head to Jolly Mill with their wedding posse. And a posse it was! It seriously was a day you'd expect in May. Well, other than the fall-like colors. ha
DG 1117-7821

A pit stop on the bridge...
DG 1117-7843

Missy and Gary had this shot in mind from the get go...
DG 1117-7870

Content with just watching yet again...
DG 1117-7927

Since they weren't technically married yet, they wouldn't kiss for real...this is as close as they'd get...
DG 1117-7921

The jump never gets old...
DG 1117-8091

A stud, yes?
DG 1117-7941 brn

And a beaut....
DG 1117-7973 bw

And a loving moment.
DG 1117-7999

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Clary said...

Beautiful job Darbi!! I love, love the one of the little girl:o)

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