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A pool of silliness...

A lot of mothers warn photographers that their children are "something else." Sometimes they are right. haha. Today, Mrs. P was referring to her daughter. Lil' A was a bouncing 6-year-old who could giggle on command, noticed the smallest of details and has an endearing way of demanding. Her bro, S, was more subdued. Such a darling, always ready to offer up a smile and go along with whatever his parents asked. I had so much fun with the family... even though we wore Mr. P out. :)
I've barely gotten into processing...but as always, I HAVE to put a few up.

Lil' A's outfit was adorable. Check out her leggings and footwear.

1014 Poole-0005

Isn't he a doll? I mean....handsome. :)
1014 Poole-2001

I'm telling you...she was like this 90 percent of the time.

1014 Poole-2005

Supposedly, she gets her energy from her dad.

1014 Poole-2012

Mom's gotta get the hugs in now before her son becomes "too cool."
1014 Poole-2101

Sometimes, she was in her own little world.
1014 Poole-2037

And one of the few pics in which they "acted" like they loved each other.

1014 Poole-0004

Here are a few more of my faves:
1014 Poole-2077
1014 Poole-2091
1014 Poole-2129

Look at how many cards he has!!!
1014 Poole-2136

1014 Poole-2054

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