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Love's language take TWO& THREE

Alright, I'm just going to add to the same blog entry.
What I really love about photography is that there are two parts.... the shooting and the processing. When I'm shooting, I love interacting. And when I'm processing, I love reliving it all. I often find myself smiling while I massage the photos to look their best. Enough blabbing you say? Ok. You got it. Here are a tiny few from tonight's devotion.

Right before the ladies headed out to make the trek down the aisle.
1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2348

My engagement pics hard at work:
1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2388

Johnathan's first glimpse of his soon-to-be-wife.
1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2296

1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2312

Darn girls. We just can't help but cry!
1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2320

I love this shot.
1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2313

The darling flower girl praying!
1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2333

When they walked out of the church...the wedding party let go of butterflies. How perfect that one landed its beauty on the beautiful bride!!!

1020 Lingo-Bear 3-2476

The guys were a lot of fun. They called me monkey. They accused me of having a foot fetish (Thanks, J-man!). And they were great sports. HEre are some of my faves from that part.

First of all...doesn't the groom look HANDSOME??
1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2244 5x7

The gang.
1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2194

I have to thank the groom for coming up with this shot. He stared upwards for awhile and then I could see the lightbulb above his head. I hope this is what he had in mind. Personally, I love it!
1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2224

And let's not forget the ladies. Since they are the most important...right? :)

1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2247

1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2262

This has to be small because it keeps getting cut off. :)
1020 Lingo-Bear 2-2253

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Clary said...

Beautiful wedding pictures Darbi!! My favorite is the bride releasing the butterflies. Perfect!

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