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Geraldine at play...

I'm going to snap a few more tomorrow...but I shot a few frames with my new 40d... nothing really cool, but I wanted to familiarize myself with the controls... I think she and I will get a long just fine. BUT...as of right now, I haven't noticed that the image quality is that much better than my XTI...same megapixels...and all that...so that's prob why. But it has some other cool features that won't matter to you unless you're a photographer.

Anywho..here they are (they are not straight off camera..I popped colors a bit):
This is the neighborhood dog. The first four-legged creature I've ever thought about killing. sorry. I love dogs. Usually. But this one yips. All day long. At everything.
A yipper I wouldn't mind ... uh... ki**ing
This is where dogs pee.
a boy fire hydrant
This picture will probably surprise you if you know me well cuz I hate spiders. HATE THEM. But since I had my 70-200mm lens, I didn't have to get really close. but man alive, was it hard to focus on..it was busily at work. So rarely still.

A colored version...

My fave shot of the night. Is it two or four geese?
are there two or four geese?

I can't decide if this is gross or cool...
when gross can be cool

Ok, now I'm going to bed. :)

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Ideagirl said...

LOL. You're as bad a me. I DO see a difference in the quality of the pics -- smoother, vibrant, lovely. And I can't tell you how much I COVET that lens! Nice work girlie -- love the geese.


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