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Oooh, I can't wait

So I have two takers to do a TRASH YOUR DRESS session with me!! Tisha and Adrienne have courageously concluded that putting their bridal gowns away to never be used again will only be a just fate if they live the life out of every bit of their beautiful fabric.
THIS IS MY INSPIRATION. The photogs are out of Canada... and they are amazing. They have years and years of shoots and thousands and thousands of dollars of equipment that I can only dream about... but nonetheless, they have succeeded in igniting my own desire to capture a woman's true freedom in a tribute to the most special day of her life.
Stay tuned. The first shoot is August 7...then the other one is a month after that.

In between I have two engagement sessions and a family shoot. Oh the fun we will have.
And all this with my new baby: the Canon f/2.8 70-200mm IS. Her name is Bertha, cuz she's BIG. :)
Here are a few pics of the one who will be my flower girl next June (at the age of 16 mos.) and some shots from the park I took this this past weekend...with Bertha of course.

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Patrick said...

Glad to be able to inspire! Hope your shoot goes well.

PS: We are actually out of Canada, not California.

-Amina of Still-Motion.ca

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